Transient Torque Analysis on Team24 Example

Transient nonlinear Torque Calculation of a 3D Solid Model shown on the example of the TEAM 24  Benchmark model.

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Initial Situation

Example Benchmark TEAM24

The team problem 24 is for validating 3D nonlinear time-transient codes
In this problem we switch on the Tension in two coils to a value of 23,1 V. We calculate for the time-dependent torque over time.

Picture: CAD Model with FEM Mesh

This simulation is performed in 3D using the solutiontype "3D Magnetodynamic Time". It includes a nonlinear material model for taking into account the saturation effect of the steel parts


Appropriate Method

3D Magnetodynamic Time Analysis

In this example we ramp the coil voltage from zero to the value of 23,1V. The dynamic effects of the magnetic field is analyzed in 150 time steps. By this way we study a time period of 0,3 sec. 

Picture: Input VoltagePicture: Input Voltage

All eddy currents as well as saturation effects are taken into account in this 3D magnetodynamic analysis.



Torque over Time

The rotor is fixed in this task and the coil voltage is ramped up according to the demands of this benchmark example.

Picture: Resulting Torque, measures and simulatedPicture: Resulting Torque, measures and simulated

We compute for the torque-curve of the rotor (red) and compare it to given measurements (green). Although there is a very small deviation between measurement and simulation the red and green curves show similar behaviour.

Picture: Simulated Magnetic Fluxdensity