3D Enforced Motion

Analysis of Power Losses

These type of analysis with general motion can be done in 2D or 3D. Next picture shows the simple rotor between two magnets as a 3D model.

Picture: Motion of RotorPicture: Motion of Rotor

Often developers are interested in the losses that result from motion because of self induction effects. That's what is done in this example: We assign a forced velocity of 5000 turns per minute and ask the system to compute the eddy current losses on the rotor and the magnets.

Picture: Power Losses on RotorPicture: Power Losses on Rotor

The above picture shows the behaviour of power losses because of self induction with the rotor turning as shown above. You see the maximum losses arise in the middle and are about 70 Watts.

On the magnets there are very small losses as shown in the next picture.

Picture: Power Loss on MagnetsPicture: Power Loss on Magnets