Oscillating Rotor

Mechanical Magnetic Coupling

When the mechanical equations for dynamics are coupled to the magnetics solution it is possible to simulate dynamic motion resulting from magnetic forces. This is done in the following example where a simple rotor is oscillating between two permanent magnets.

Picture:  Behaviour of the eddy currentsPicture:  Behaviour of the eddy currents

The picture (click for movie) above shows the behaviour of the eddy currents that result from the time-dependent change of the fluxdensity.

The following picture shows the NX dialog that allows to define the characteristics of the joint.

Picture: DialoguePicture: Dialogue

Any result that is available in simple, non-moving electromagnetic solutions can also be obtained in the case of motion. Only some of them are: Fluxdensity, Fieldstrenght, Force, Moment, Eddy Current, Power Losses.