Electrokinetics (DC)

The electro-kinetic solution, also called 'DC Conduction Steady State', describes the distribution of static electric current in conductors.


  • 2D, 3D or axisymmetric Solution, static
  • Plot: Scalarpotential, Electric Fieldstrength, Current Density, Eddy Current Losses Density.
  • Table: Ohm Resistance, Electrode Voltage, Electrode Current, Eddy Current Losses.
  • Coupled Thermal: Temperature.


RJ45 Connector

Theory and Basics


The basis equations:
(1)        rot e = 0
(2)        div j = 0
(3)        j = σ e

Boundary conditions:
(4)        n x e  | Γ0e = 0
(5)        n * j  | Γ0j = 0

Electric scalar potential formulation for the conducting region:
(6)        div σ grad v = 0 with 
(7)        e = -grad v

Electrokinetic weak v-formulation:
(8)        (σ grad v, grad v’ )Ω = 0  
            for all v’ element of Ω

Basic Example: Ohm Resistance of Circular Plate

In this example we analyze for the ohm resistance in a circular plate. The simulated electric current density is shown in the following picture. 


Analytic and numerical Results

    Elements: 5406
    Nodes: 11074

Analytic Result: 
    R = 1.08108e-5 Ohm

Numerical Result
    R = 1.069698e-5 Ohm

Deviation: 0.089%