Coupled Elasticity

The Coupled Elasticity solution computes mechanical displacements and stresses due to forces from electromagnetic solutions or due to applied mechanical loads.


  • 3D coupling with several other solution types
  • Transient or steady state.
  • Bidirectional option. Magnetic forces affect geometry, changed geometry affects magnetic field.
  • Electromagnetic Forces
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Structural Damping
  • Magnetostriction
  • Initial Conditions: Zero Displacement or Steady State.
  • Outputs Plot
    • Displacement, Stress, Strain, Reaction Force.
  • Outputs Table
    • Max Displacement, Max Mises Stress, Total Reaction Force, Total Reaction Moment (local CSYS)


Deforming Conductor Electric Switch  

Theory and Basics


The basis equations: Elasticity formulation