The Challenge EM Simulation

Are you faced with such tasks:

  • Are innovations permanently required?
  • Measurements and experiments are not satisfactory?
  • Is the Physics Complex?
  • Time is short?

Then we are here for you! On these pages we demonstrate MAGNETICS, an outstanding electromagnetic FE solver product that we develop for you.

MAGNETICS, integrated in NX / Simcenter, well known as NX Magnetics, is a comprehensive FEM software package to simulate and optimize electromagnetic devices. It is perfectly integrated in the Siemens NX / Simcenter™ software system and used by industry and science. Development, support and distribution is achieved by Dr. Binde Ingenieure GmbH, solution partner of Siemens Industry Software GmbH.

The program allows the designer and analyst to use Siemens' Simcenter Pre/Post environment, the same software he maybe already uses for structural-, flow-, thermal-, or motion analysis as well as for CAD/CAM/PDM. Therefore many advantages result:

  • Material libraries, meshing techniques, CAD geometry preparation, NX Open programs, assemblies, all this is perfectly familiar to users of the NX/Simcenter system. But even for newcomers of NX/Simcenter these things are not hard to learn.
  • Also, this allows easily coupling the solvers and using output from one as input for another one.
  • Of course, similar to all other NX/Simcenter data, the MAGNETICS data can be stored in the Teamcenter database.

The software allows you to solve a broad range of applications. Nevertheless even very special problems can be solved because of the open architecture. All this can be done in 2D or 3D and it allows solving all the range

  • from 1D to 3D models,
  • from linear to nonlinear problems,
  • from static to dynamic problems,
  • from single physical models to coupled ones.

Dr. Binde Ingenieure GmbH is SIEMENS Solution Partner for software and technology and specializes in technical simulation. Our engineers help you with a lot of commitment and know-how in all matters relating to product simulation with the Siemens Simcenter products. Our competencies are based on many years of experience and specialization in Simcenter with the five fields of structural mechanics, rigid body mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and electrodynamics. Our exclusive customers also benefit from the close cooperation with the software manufacturer SIEMENS, as well as with universities, from the exchange with the Simcenter development and the latest technologies.