Educational Usage

Besides being used in industries, the MAGNETICS solver can also be used effectively in teaching and research at universities. We offer many attractive capabilities for use as a teaching and research tool.


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For details of features, see below.

  • Unlimited usage of MAGNETICS throughout the university with no restriction on the number of concurrent users, problem sizes and analysis capabilities.
  • The MAGNETICS solver can be used to analyze electromagnetic, coupled thermal, coupled elasticity (mechanical) and motion problems.
  • The program runs fully integrated in NX / Simcenter and Teamcenter. For these products Siemens provides a university program also. See here for further information.
  • The theory and formulations used in MAGNETICS follow closely the material in the Hanser book Simulations with NX / Simcenter 3D (english) Simulationen mit NX / Simcenter 3D (german).
  • Many tutorials and theory is shipped with the installation package of the software.
  • A 1500 nodes version of the program is provided that can be freely distributed to students to be used on their own personal computers. No password is required to run this special version.