Industry Licensing

The product MAGNETICS for NX/Simcenter is distributed by Dr. Binde Ingenieure, Design & Engineering GmbH and interested parties can license the program directly from the company. 


Please contact us for licensing.


Maybe you want to discuss about your special simulation problem and you want to see if and how this can be solved with MAGNETICS. Feel free and contact us. In many cases we prepare such special examples for our customers. We can use this in an individual training for you.  


In addition, the program can be licensed through distributors of Dr. Binde Ingenieure:


The following modules contribute to the MAGNETICS system. Each of these can be licensed separately:

  • Magnetics for NX: The solver environment for Siemens Simcenter or NX. It allows setting up the model with CAD preparation, meshing, material properties, physical properties, solution parameters, boundary conditions, loads and constraints. The module allows defining and writing the input file for the different solutions of the solver. Also the capability to postprocess results is included here. Plots, animations, tabular graphs all in Simcenter or NX format can be processed.
  • Magnetics Base Solvers: This module contains the executable program that can read solver input files and perform the finite element solution. The possible solution types are Magnetostatics (2D/3D), Magnetodynamic Transient (2D/3D), Magnetodynamic Frequency (2D/3D), DC Conduction Steady Steate (2D/3D), Electrostatic (2D/3D), Electrodynamic Transient (2D/3D) and Electrodynamic Frequency (2D/3D).
  • Magnetics HF Solvers: This module contains the executable program to perform solutions for high frequency (full wave) problems. Such are Full Wave Transient (2D/3D), Full Wave Frequency (2D/3D), Eigenmodes (2D/3D) and Waveguides.
  • Magnetics Charged Particles: The module contains the solvers for charged particle dynamics. These can be added to the following solutions: Magnetostatic (3D), Magnetodynamic Transient (3D), DC Conduction Steady Steate (3D), Electrostatic (3D), Electrodynamic (3D) and Full Wave Transient (3D).
  • Magnetics Master Libs: This module contains libraries with physical formulations used by the solver. The libraries are partly visible and partly hidden. Although, these libraries are necessary in most cases, it is possible to use MAGNETICS without them, if the advanced user writes and uses his own formulations.