This Applications-Showroom gives impressions for some solutions and key facts of MAGNETICS for NX/Simcenter. You might also like to watch a video.

In this chapter some available solutions of the MAGNETICS for NX/Simcenter Solver focussed on electric motors are presented as articles. The movie shows the Siemens servo motor 1FT6 and his magnetic flux density field while rotating.

One more field of application is analysis of High-Voltage.

MAGNETICS for NX/Simcenter is used to calculate the risk of electric arc appearance. In an electrostatic solution the distribution of electric fields due to static charges and/or levels of electric potential is calculated.

The use of electromagnetic FEM analysis for electronics and transformers is also an important area of use.

Magnetics for NX/Simcenter calculates Ohm resistance and current distribution on electric conductors. Also the precise calculation of inductivity for complex geometries is important for many electronic devices.

To prevent effects of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) we use MAGNETICS for NX/Simcenter to analyze for Elemectromagnetic-Compatibility (EMC). This can be done by frequency solutions or even in the time domain. That way we ensure an undisturbed functionality of different equipment items.

In cases of motors or actuators motion effects have to be included in the analysis. When the mechanical equations for dynamics are coupled with the magnetic solution, it is possible in MAGNETICS for NX/Simcenter to simulate dynamic motion resulting from magnetic forces. Look at the examples here.

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